Campaign Event Calendar

On Wednesday, March 18, the day after St. Patrick’s Day, Neighbors Helping Neighbors campaign came to a screeching halt.

While our volunteers began to notice a trend that many of the people on the phone were seniors and seemed more interested in talking about the crisis than politics. We kept reaching out and callers just started finding ways to help people, hence our campaign theme, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”

It wasn’t long into the phone banking that COVID-19 pandemic was upon us when volunteers began sharing their concerns and finding it more difficult to campaign politically while our neighbors were in dire need. We began to reassess our objectives and it was obvious after realizing 66 percent of our district was rural we needed to shift gears and regroup.

Our team decided this was not the time to ask for donations or support.

Rick agreed we needed to change our priorities and immediately Neighbors Helping Neighbors was more than just a political campaign, it was a movement.

Our Campaign became “Neighbors Checking on Neighbors”