Deciding Vote

Our Current US District 4 Congressman

  • VOTED NO to remove deadline to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment
  • VOTED NO to protecting America’s Wilderness Act
  • VOTED NO to supporting the Smithsonian Women’s History Museum Act
  • VOTED NO to Emergency Disaster Relief Aid to Puerto Rico
  • VOTED NO to USPS Fairness Act: to repeal requirement to prepay future retirement benefits
  • VOTED NO to No War Against Iran Act
  • VOTED NO to appoint managers for the Trump Impeachment Trail
  • VOTED NO to require EPA to mark hazardous substances
  • VOTED NO to protect the right to organize
  • VOTED NO to provide equal pay for women
  • VOTED NO to support the Violence Against Women’s Act
  • VOTED NO to support women’s right to choose
  • VOTED NO to fund public school education
  • VOTED NO to remove education loans from the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • VOTED NO to lower prescription drugs
  • CAST THE DECIDING VOTE that eliminated manufacturing in Alabama’s 4th District
  • STOOD IDLY BY and did nothing while rural hospitals closed and reduced services in Alabama’s 4th District
  • PARTICIPATED in the decline of a world class public education system
  • REFUSED TO ASSIST in bringing livable wages into Alabama’s 4th District
  • PENCILED IN defense dollars for projects to garner political contributions instead of benefiting military
  • ONLY SPONSORED ONE BILL IN 2019 – Raise the Age of Tobacco Use to 21