Economics: INCOME

4TH Congressional District of Alabama

Ranked 4th (405 out of 435) in the nation for lowest national income (7%). Statistical Atlas shows one in five and 55.8% of households with related children under 5 live in poverty.

The onslaught of this current COVID-19 pandemic on countries around the world continues to inflict problems right here in the households throughout District 4 of Alabama.

We need ammunition to fight the enemy that is in front of us, COVID-19.   In this fight, we need a continuous ample supply of PPE, masks, gloves, ventilators and gowns.  Many have rallied to the crisis and are sewing masks at home.  This will provide some relief to slow the spread until the machines can be installed and factories converted to produce the quantities that we will need.

We can do this!

A manufacturing plant can be set up and producing 2.5 million surgical masks per week right here in District 4. The plan for a manufacturing plant is currently in place and can go forward once the project has been funded.