Gicela Ramos

Mr. Rick Neighbors US Congress, knowing you for many many years, since 1997 to be exact, YES, you have my vote with eyes closed, no doubt about that.

One of the most honorable, hard working, fair, righteous, down to earth,  respectable and ethical persons I had the honor of working with. You are the person needed to make things happen.

Mr. Rick is the reliable trustworthy person we need for a change. I owe my career to Mr. Rick Neighbors for US Congress, he believed in me, like I now believe in him. He made me exploit my assets, made me shine bright in the midst of darkness with absolutely asking nothing in return. Humble person as he still is, always seeking justice.

As to his wife, Mrs. Judy Neighbors, an amazing loving person I had the pleasure of spending time with. Behind every successful man there is a brilliant lady.

You won’t go wrong, VOTE FOR RICK NEIGHBORS US CONGRESS, Thank you