James Crowder

I have had the opportunity during my time working with various industries, to witness first hand the devastating effects our representatives have with votes cast on the floor of Congress. I was in an International Trade Commission hearing when Congressman Aderholt testified against tire imports. I was in Miami protesting against CAFTA and to have the current congressman vote to pass CAFTA was an insult to me and all Alabamians. We have lost more than our share of industry at the hands of our elected representatives and it’s time we work toward correcting Congress.

I don’t live in the fourth congressional district of Alabama, I live in the seventh. I support Rick Neighbors for Congress and would surely vote for him if I could.

My congresswoman doesn’t always vote the way I think she should, but that should be expected and I understand. She communicates with her constituents on a regular basis, conducts accessible Town-hall meetings and I am sure Rick Neighbors would do the same.

He has shown his willingness to work for the safety and welfare of all Alabamians by modifying his campaign to deal with their needs during the pandemic.

Please support Rick Neighbors on November 3, 2020.