Randi Mask – Handmade PPE (Child Size)
Because Your Child’s Life Is Worth It


Donations for the “Cost of Materials” and/or to “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” campaign would be greatly appreciated.

Randi Gross, Shoals Field Organizer is spearheading a team that’s sewing masks for District 4 neighbors.   Randi Masks are made by Neighbors4Congress volunteers to help protect their neighbors from the threat of contamination from COVID-19.

This is an amazing thing that others can help do.

Neighbor, if you want to help this campaign that checks on its neighbors, please let us know. Here’s the link to  Join The Team form that will get you started.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is how we all get it done. Randi Mask are provided at no-charge and will be distributed as soon as they are available.

Directions for making your own  PPE Masks with Randi’s pattern. 


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This mask is washable and re-usable. In order to keep it sterile and protective after use, you may wash it in hot soapy water or bring a pot of water to boil and drop the mask in. Turn off burner and place lid on top. Let water cool and remove. Air dry or use sanitize setting on your dryer. Bright colors may fade but that will not reduce effectiveness. After drying you may spray with disinfecting spray. Replace in plastic bag immediately. Before use write your name on the back.

Courtesy of the Rick Neighbors for Congress


 Randi Gross, mask coordinator

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