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It wasn’t long after the pandemic was upon us when volunteers began sharing their concerns and finding it more difficult to campaign politically when public service was in dire need. Volunteers began to reassess their objective after realizing 66 percent of the district was rural that we needed to refocus on the needs of our neighbors.

Our team decided this was not the time to seek donations or campaign support, but provide support instead.

Rick Neighbors agreed we need to change our priorities and immediately Neighbors Helping Neighbors was more than a campaign, it was a movement.

Our phone banking became Neighbors Checking on Neighbors.

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  1. I cannot tell you what it meant to me to place an order and two hours later someone showed up at my door to help me take care of the senior citizens in my neighborhood that need to make doctor visits and are afraid to go out unprotected. Neighbors helping other neighbors is truly a blessing. To see the faces of relief as we gave them their protective masks was such an incredible selfless act. Please thank the Crowders for driving so far to bring these masks to my neighbors. I won’t forget it.

    1. We thank you for your kind remarks and assure you we are thankful the Crowders are willing to deliver mask whenever possible and mail them if not.
      We have volunteers from Tuscaloosa to Sheffield and from Vernon to Fort Payne making and delivering mask and doing whatever they can to meet our neighbors needs as they deal with the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced us all to change our normal routines.

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